Libreoffice uninstalls itself in Win 10

We have this on two identical PCs, one is ok but each day Libreoffice has unistalled itself and can’t be found anywhere.
Has anybody had this problem ? I assume it is a windows 10 thing as the other PC has not done this.
I tried searching for uninstall in error but naturally the search returns how to uninstall info, this is the opposite of what I want. I want it to stay put.
Any suggestions appreciated. Regards John

My assumption would be that something is really bad with that box, and so each day, when you boot it, it starts OS recovery process, and reverts to some “last good state”, discarding whatever system changes has been made since last run…

Thanks Mike, it worked. I looked at various error logs etc but no idea what they meant.
So I did the basic thing, opened windows and made sure all else closed. Installed Libreoffice and immediately restarted windows 10. Now all seems ok, 3 days and counting. Normally uninstalled itself on starting the PC the next day.
So your idea sounds right, the install and restart avoided whatever was causing it to do a reset to before whatever it was unhappy with. So your analysis is correct, thanks again.