Libreoffice update always wipes out my default settings

I back up my user folder in LibreOffice, can I just copy that back after an update by LIbreOffice?

I want to make sure I am not wiping out any updates to that folder so is there a specific file or subfolder to just restore? This is the only annoying part of LibreOffice updates!

You said:
The User Folder remains untouched during uninstallation and installation.

That is not true for a lot of us on a Windows 10 64bit system unless we need to choose to update differently. Every time, my information gets wiped out, I can copy back the folder, but I do not understand why the software cannot be written to see if the folder is there and select not to overwrite the contents, Changing the software code is not a difficult thing to do. There have been many posts and web complaints about this “feature.” My user profile is not corrupted otherwise I could not copy this back and have it work either. I am sorry, but you saying this does not happen when I can see it has happened every time does not help me to fix this.

It should be a bug then. No matter how many “posts and web complaints” are there, unless there is a proper bug report with enough information to allow reproduction, there is nothing that can be changed in the code.

I use Windows 10 x64, by the way.

Thanks, that was more helpful. What can I do to help with a bug report or giving the proper information so this can be researched or duplicated? Is there a special way to do an update that I am not following?

File a bug report with information:

  • Exact version of Windows you use (including its localization);
  • Exactly from where do you get the LibreOffice installation package (web address);
  • Specific file name of the installation package you downloaded;
  • Complete path to the installed program;
  • Complete path to the profile;
  • Complete list of installed components;
  • Complete list of installed extensions.

Some (most) of the items could be covered by providing detailed installation log.

There is none. The profile should not be touched by the installation, unless you do something unusual - like storing it inside installation directory (which is not the default).

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