LibreOffice Vanilla Crashing

I’m running Vanilla on a late model MacBook Pro that I pulled from the App Store. It has been very stable and working well for me. Recently I got an update that only changed the name, which I could live with although I had to fix a few shortcuts. Then the switched the name back…sigh. My point is that it didn’t seem to impact anything. After going through that (which may or may not be important to mention) I updated a spreadsheet and it started crashing on a regular basis. I can’t imagine a cut and past into a new page in an existing spreadsheet I’ve been using for over a year would be an issue, but it is about when the crashing started. Worse, the recovery isn’t working. In recovery it hangs on saving and I have to force quit. On restart it just opens the last saved version, i.e. not really saving the data I had been working on.

I deleted Vanilla and downloaded a new copy. I was surprised I got things like my Recent list back, so I’m guessing the Library app file wasn’t deleted, i.e. I didn’t delete it correctly?

long introduction to “is there something going on with Vanilla?” and/or is it time to give up on Vanilla and go back to neoOffice?

All thoughts appreciated

Try resetting the LO user profile: LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki. This often is a cause of strange behavior, seldomly even crashes.