LibreOffice Version (latest) Writer Freezes

When entering text in Writer, LibreOffice freezes and will not recover. It has happened four times in just one small paragraph and twice on one sentence alone. I am not doing any exotic formating of any kind … just typing text using the Liberation Serif 12 font.

When it freezes, it does not indicate anything wrong … no “LibreOffice is not responding” for example. When I click on a menu item , the dialogue box is blank. When I click the X to close it, an empty Save dialogue box appears with an X in the top right corner which will not close it. I must use the Task Manager to end the process.

Interestingly when I relaunch Writer, the document reopens sometimes with NO loss of data including text that I had typed before I noticed it had frozen and after the last visible character. It does not offer to recover the document and indeed it is not necessary. On other occasions it does offer to recover the document and data is lost back to the last auto-save.

I do not have an issue with any other applications freezing including Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.
I converted to LibreOffice as I felt it was a better implementation of an open source document processor and seemed to be more current than was OpenOffice. However, if this continues, I will have to revert to OpenOffice or … perish the thought, Microsoft Office.

I am running Windows 10 Pro version 10.0.19041 on a relatively new system.

Is your problem always about the same file?

In which file format do you save?

Try the Safe Mode.

This is happening to me too. Even when starting a new document. If I click the menus enough times, eventually they go blank. Interestingly, when the menus are blank, opening Calc results in a completely blank window opening up.
This is on a relatively new computer, running Windows 10, build 19041.329. LibreOffice is a fresh install, with no third-party extensions.
Safe Mode does fix the problem…