LibreOffice vs MS-Office

I´m an former user of MS-Office. I´ve been comparing them & I have to say that LibreOffice is very complete, but MS-Office offers more ornamental features. For example, I can add frames to images in PowerPoint but in Impress lacks on photo´s desing (The same happens in Writer, Calc, Draw, etc). Another example is that on Excel you´ve the same options of Calc but you can also black table´s border. So I wanned to know if you can do the same in LibreOffice (maybe I haven´t note it) or if MS-Office is the only one that offers those features (and I´m comparing it with MS-Office 2010).

Although I don’t have answers to your specific questions, there are documents comparing the two. You can find the document links at: Document Foundation .
It is near the end under LibreOffice vs. Microsoft Office.