libreoffice-wiki-publisher can't upload to wiki

I have installed this extension and was setting up a link to the wiki. It will not take my user name and password it reports that it is wrong and it is not. I tried to publish anonymously but it seemed to hang and I ddin’t see anything on the wiki so killed it.

So then I exported to wiki txt and tried to paste into my wiki but gota Curl error 7.

Any idea how I can solve either of these?

It seems that Parsoid, the critical component here, needs Node.js and on my shared hosting I don’t have this (and can’t).

Parsiod was ported to php late last year but so far no one seesm to be able to tell me how to configure so i will continue digging

Hi. Are there any new developments? I am also having the same problem, but when I looked up parsoid, it seems that it is no longer used by MediaWiki, as it was ported to the main MediaWiki code in PHP.