LibreOffice will not prompt for credentials when printing to a CUPS printer

Hi, I’m currently trying to print to a CUPS printer on a windows domain print server. This is working fine in every other app in Lubuntu (leafpad, firefox etc etc). When printing a CUPS username/password box prompts for network credentials to pass onto the printer. For some reason this does not happen in LibreOffice. I have seen a couple of bugs regarding this issue that were last posted about over a year ago which said the problem was LibreOffice.
Can anyone confirm?

Lubuntu 14.04

Appears to be a known bug. Related reports are fdo#48414 (closed as a duplicate) and fdo#53029. It has evidently been a problem since at least v3.5. Earlier versions of OOo are reported (in the second report) as providing the necessary authentication dialog.

I’d spotted the fdo#53029 bug, I was surprised it’s been an issue that no-one seems to be looking at after a year or more.
I have been unable to get any version to work sadly.