Libreoffice wont start (G_LO_MENU)

using Arch Linux with Awesome WM, GTK installed

getting this error when attempting to run libreoffice:

** (soffice:4325): CRITICAL **: void g_lo_menu_insert_selection(GLOMenu*, gint, const gchar*, GMenuModel*): assertion 'G_IS_LO_MENU (menu)' failed

I did have other errors however I have been able to iron them out, this one however I can’t find any resources on how to fix. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both versions (still and fresh) but they have not solved this problem.


This is an Arch Linux specific problem. You will get better answers if you will use their bug trucker system or forums. It may also be related to how you installed your Display Manager or the LibreOffice.