LIbreoffice word processor leaving cursor shadows everywhere

When I type text in the Writer it works ok. But then if I move my cursor through existing text (using the arrow keys) it leaves a ‘shadow’ wherever the cursor has been… until I write some new text. Then (some of) the shadows disappear. And a few moments later they all disappear. Except the ones in the far left position. They persist until I scroll the page out of view (on my screen) and then back again.

This issue is new to me since uploading Libreoffice (X86_64)

And after living with it for a day I am finding it really annoying.

Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1 (23C71)
Libreoffice (X86_64)

First steps to take before submitting a bug

I have read the “First steps to take before submitting a bug”
Then “How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice”
Then “QA/Bugzilla/Components”

I am an average wordprocessor user, not a software engineer.
I don’t even understand what these pages are asking me to do, let alone have the skills and knowledge to be able to do those things.

The latest version of Libreoffice Writer is leaving cursor marks everywhere when I use the cursor arrows.
The previous version did not do this.
I am trying to be helpful by reporting this to people who might understand what is happening and how to fix it.
I do not have the skills to be able to jump through all the hoops you have set up for me.

so, might be easier/safer for you to uninstall 7.6.5 and reinstall the previous one you used.

be thanked for it :wink:

we’re on a way to a FAQ :wink:

Solved in private chat:

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I have the same problem. Using safe mode and then back to normal mode did solve my problem too. But about 8 hours later it was doing it again. Rebooting twice every time this happens seems onerous. Is there a setting or activity that is causing it for which some adjustment could prevent it from recurring?