LibreOffice Writer 7.0.4 is Painfully Slow and Unusable

Help! LO 7.0.4 has become completely unusable.

The app is painfully slow, even with a short, two-page document. No images, no diagrams, no tables. Japanese text.

Extreme lag. Characters appear very slowly while typing. Constant spinning beach-ball-of-death cursor if I switch apps.

MacOS Catalina 10.15.6, 64-bit.

The problem first appeared under LO 6.4.x. I tried upgrading to 7.0.4 — no improvement.

(1) I have looked at the FAQ, which suggested:

LibreOffice >View > Disable Graphics Output (“Use hardware acceleration” and “Use anti-aliasing”)

This did not help.

(2) Also tried the suggestions here: Libre office writer is really slow

None helped. I have tried increasing the memory:

E.g., LibreOffice > Preferences > Advanced > Open Expert Configuration > org.openoffice.Office.Common > Cache > Writer

I changed it to 200. Didn’t help.

(3) And also increased the memory of the Graphic Manager > Cache.

I changed Graphic Manager TotalCacheSize to long 536870912; ObjectCacheSize to long 67108864, ObjectReleaseTime to long 600, GraphicMemoryLimit to long 700000000, GraphicAllowedidleTim to long 10, GraphicSwappingEnab to boolean true.

Didn’t help.

MacOS Activity Monitor reports that LO is consuming 165 MB of RAM. I have 16 GB. User CPU utilization is less then 5%, sometimes bouncing up to 20%.

(4) I also tried this solution: 文書関連ソフト/LibreOfficeでファイルを開くのがとても遅い場合の原因と対策 - Windowsと暮らす

I.e., LibreOffice > Load/Save > Disable “Load printer settings with the document”

None of these changes have helped.

What should I try next?

Suggestions greatly appreciated. My work is completely stalled by this problem!


To try and check:

  • Reset your LibreOffice user profile to factory settings
  • Provide Full Disk Access to via Systemsettings
  • Last resort: sudo xattr -d /Applications/

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried both changes you mentioned, but I find that LO still lags badly during typing.

Any other ideas?

I’m using Libreoffice 7.1.1 on Xubuntu 20.04 and it was impossible to work with Writer because it was extremely slow to respond to keystrokes.

Now Libreoffice is incredibly fast because I removed two things: I closed Libreoffice and uninstalled libobasis7.1-gnome-integration libobasis7.1-kde-integration

It is a pleasure how quickly it works now. The only ‘downside’ is that the styling of Libreoffice is a bit less modern.

The question is about macOS, which does not have libobasis7.1-gnome-integration libobasis7.1-kde-integration.