Libreoffice writer: can I record a macro of AltSearch extension actions?

Hello, newbie speaking:

MacOSX 10.13.6, LibreOffice, AltSearch 1.4.2

I started do record and run macros in LibreOffice to improve text editing workflow for academical purposes. Lots of find and replaces, change styles, etc. Since in LO you can’t search and replace paragraph marks (\p), I add on AltSearch. But I’m not able to record my AltSearch actions with macro record. Any suggestion?

To replace paragraph break with, say a tab character. Select your text (or not if you want to do the replacement over the entire document) open a find and replace Edit > Find & Replace Ctrl+H. In the Find field enter $ , in the Replace field enter \t , tick Regular Expressions and also Selection (if not entire document) and click Replace all.

The help button links to to a page with a link to a list of Regular Expressions, same as online help . Can’t help with macros sorry, it has been more than 10 years since I last had to do one. Cheers, Al