LibreOffice Writer can't open one particular MS Word doc

I am converting from MS Office to LibreOffice, and so far I am happy with it in spite of a bit of a learning curve after decades of MS Office. But one key Word document causes Writer to crash (no error messages, just locks it up with the spinning beach ball).

This document is 73 pages long, has several images, and a Word-generated table of contents. Other than that I think it is quite normal. Any hints about opening this in Writer?



up with the spinning beach ball

Does this mean you are on macOS? And which LibreOffice version? And which format is your Word file (.doc or .docx)?

Try opening with Apache OpenOffice. Sometimes, it can open files LibreOffice can’t (expect losses of formatting and / or even data though).

If you are saving the document as a .docx, you could try saving it as a .doc and then opening the .doc file. This is often a help with difficult files.