LibreOffice Writer Crashing When Updating Master Document

Hello! I decided to give LibreOffice a shot after using Google Docs for a few years. It’s been a couple days, and I’ve been really enjoying LO for the most part, except for how hideously often it crashes. I’ve noticed it happens most consistently when I update my master document. Is there a fix or tip for this?


  • I’m using the most recent version, which I believe is 7.5.
  • I’m running Windows 11 on a Surface Laptop 3.
  • I’ve disabled Skia rendering, but while that helped prevent crashing while changing heading formats, it didn’t help with the master document crashing while updating.
  • I do have a lot of subdocuments, and the master doc is over 200 pages long now. Considering creating a version of the master doc where some subdocuments are consolidated to see if that helps any.

Please let me know if I’m missing tags or need to provide more information :slight_smile:

Please test with a clean profile, Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode

Hello! I followed the directions here LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki and still ran into the same issues. I should note that when I do ‘Update > Update All,’ it will crash. I hadn’t tested it, but it also crashes when I select an individual subdocument and try to update that one only. It doesn’t always crash if I update my index, though.

Here’s what I tried:

  • Restarting in Safe Mode without a new profile.
  • Restarting with a new profile while not in Safe Mode.
  • Restarting with a new profile and in Safe Mode as suggested.

No dice. Still running into the same problem.

Please then test disabling skia:

Hello! I did have Skia disabled originally, like I noted in my initial post, but here’s what I did after creating another new profile:

  • Restarted while not in Safe Mode and disabling Skia.
  • I tried to enter Safe Mode, but as Safe Mode intentionally doesn’t retain user configurations and disabling Skia requires a restart, I wasn’t able to test disabled Skia and Safe Mode at the same time. Unless I’m doing something in the wrong order, which is very possible, as I am still extremely new to this program.

Still no change; master document still crashes when updating and while trying to update an individual subdocument.

Update, I turned Skia rendering back on with my old profile while not in Safe Mode. LO crashed randomly while I was just typing in my subdocument, but I’m able to update my master document now without it crashing. Only, when Skia rendering is enabled, I have issues editing headings without it crashing. So I have to toggle back and forth, which is a tad annoying but doable since restarts don’t take long. Will keep testing throughout the day to see what happens. Won’t mark this as a solution just yet because I don’t know 100% if re-enabling Skia is what fixed it.

Try updating video drivers directly from manufacturer.

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I went ahead and did that. I then tried:

  • Updating the master doc on my old profile both with and without Skia rendering enabled and no Safe Mode.
  • Updating an individual sub document on my old profile with and without Skia rendering enabled and no Safe Mode.

The master document did not crash while updating this time, nor did updating individual subdocuments cause the application to crash. Downloading updated drivers seemed to work. Thanks!