LibreOffice Writer - Do not split words containing ? (question mark) into different lines

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 and LibreOffice While typing in Kruti Dev font on pressing ? (question mark) it is supposed to type the letter घ्. (Of Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit language) On pressing the key combination “ek?kj” it will print माघार. But if the word is at the end of the line it used to split the word into two lines keeping the question mark in first line and the remaining word in the second line. What can be done so that next time when I type any word with ? (question mark sing) it will not split in two different lines and what can be done for those words which are already split.

Have you tried inserting special formatting marks around your “?” when you don’t want word breaks?

Available marks are:

  • U+2060 WORD JOINER

The latter one can easily be Inserted>Formatting Mark>Word Joiner. The former one is inserted with its generic Unicode (hexadecimal) encoding followed by Ctrl+X.

My problem solved by putting word joiner after ? Question Mark. Thank you so much.