LibreOffice Writer - down arrow and then caret stops going down

I am on Kubuntu 20.10
I have downloaded LibreOffice from this site and installed it myself, so I have Version =

This is a behavior I have seen with previous versions as well.
The time has come that I ask.

I have a very simple text document. It is just text and maybe there are hundreds of lines.
Some words, I have colored, blue, some words I have made bold.

When I use the down arrow on my keyboard (or shift + down arrow), on certain lines, the caret suddenly stops.
There is an invisible force field.
Even if I use the keyboard right button, the caret is stopped by the force field.

With my mouse, it is not a problem. I can hold down LBUTTON and go down. I can select anything.

If I use my mouse to go below the force field. I can press the keyboard up arrow and no problem, there is no force field.
Once I am above the offending line, if I try to go down with keyboard down arrow, the force field stops the caret.

Certain lines in the document seem to have this one way force field.

Impossible to tell. To avoid problem of vocabulary and terminology, attach to your question a sample file (max 2 pages) without private data.

To do so, edit your question, scroll to the end, hit Enter a couple of times and use the “paperclip” tool (not available in a comment).

Why didn’t you install from your distro repository? Binaries from TDF site are generic and may not take into account the configuration pecularities of your distro brand.

The one that comes from the repositories are too old. The same applies to Steam and other applications.
Unfortunately, I added some text to my file and hit save which probably changed things. It works right right now.
This has happened before with other ODT files, with various versions of LibreOffice.
Isn’t the movement of the caret logic programmed into LibreOffice? I don’t think my distro plays a role in this.

The suggestion to use repo version was to eliminate integration issues. Since it works now, no diagnostic is possible then.

Was the “force field” caused by some “buggy” line? One way to tell would have been to delete it (without saving or “saving as” so that no data were lost). Keep that in mind for next time.