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Allo all,
Sometimes, when I open Writer, for the font color (The T with the colored bar under it), I have under Recent the color that I want, which is RGB=0, 0, 255.
Sometimes, it is not there. What is going on?

Is there a way to put RGB=0, 0, 255 into the standard list of colors?
All the colors in the standard list are useless to me. I just want blue.


I don’t know exactly how that recent color list works, it may be stored in the document.

You can have a look at this topic which explains the palette: [Solved] Palettes and Smooth colors in OpenOffice. It works the same way in LO.

I’ve customized mine like this. Some colors are standard ones defined for the web (identified in their name):


Here is the file:Custom.soc.bmp

Since the site does not allow .soc files (for palette), I’ve changed added the .bmp extension to the file, remove the .bmp once in the /config folder. Then you should be able to select it in the drop-down list of the palette of any dialog with the colors.

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Maybe this is still helpful, too:

[Create a new color palette](

Excellent! Thanks.

I’ve to get accustomed with all the resources in the wiki.

Not bad Hagar. Can I modify that Wiki? It is lacking information and it is bizarrely written. It looks like it is translated by a machine. Also, it is missing Linux specific information. It just has Windows related information.

Of course you can. It is the point of a wiki. A pointer to the FAQ page about the LO profile would be better indeed than providing the full path.

Thanks Hagar. I made the changes to make it more clear. Please have a look. I also gave the paths because I find that a newcomer, such as myself, to LibreOffice will likely not know the paths that LibreOffice uses. I prefer having the information right there rather than spider webbing all over the place, if you know what I mean.

For the path, I would have merely referenced the wiki page about the profile so that any future change has no impact. You can just say to put the user custom palette in the /config folder of the user profile and reference it. Almost the same for the installation folder, it can be in /opt for GNU/Linux but also in /usr/lib. Don’t know if there is a dedicated page for the installation folder in the wiki.

That’s the thing about Linux. It isn’t uniform across distros and I don’t understand why. I will probably never understand why. I still don’t understand why there are so many package managers etc.
Anyway, I did my best. If you want, you can retune the page to your liking.

…Linux. It isn’t uniform across distros and I don’t understand why.

That’s the thing why I still use Windows.
I would like to change to Linux, but it’s just too cluttered for me.

Sure. Agreeing on dedicated directories would be so much easier.

If you always want to create your texts with the color “Blue”, you can preset this.

Choose in the menu Tools>Options>LibreOffice>Application Colours

In the right part of the dialog choose the color “Blue” RGB=0,0,255 at “Font color”. Click OK.

I guess I should clarify that. I don’t want the totality of my documents to be in blue. Most of the time, the text is black which is what I want. Sometimes, i want to make some portion blue but blue is not in the color options. I am forced to add it each time.

See the answer from @ajlittoz

If your font colour is always used in some specific context, e.g. for trademark, character name, technical word, … or full comment paragraph, the best solution is to include the font colour in a user-defined character or paragraph style.

Thus there is no longer any issue with the recent colour list.

In addition, when this colour setting is shared among several documents, put all your definitions in a template file (extension .ott) and base your documents on this template. This also allows you to change this colour in all your documents simply by modifying the template without the need for any other “patch” in the documents themselves.

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