LibreOffice Writer Freezes When Saving

Writer was giving me a little annoyance because it wasn’t allowing me to save to an external drive. So I uninstalled it and loaded into my Elementary OS machine. It looks wonderful only it doesn’t work.

While typing the automatic save function comes on and the progress bar never makes it all the way to the right side. It freezes 100% of the time.

Saving a document has worked only one time when I just typed one line in a new document to see if it would allow me to save to my external drive. It did. Every other time it auto saves or if I manually click save, the program will freeze and I will lose my data.

It will also freeze when trying to change a parameter. I went to locate the unwanted auto-complete function and when I got to the page where it was located, the program froze before I could select the tab to turn it off.

What is going on? I searched for solutions to this and found none. I see many people with freezing problems in Windoz and GNU/Linux. I need to fix this immediately.

I got this program directly from the LibreOffice site. It didn’t come from the operating system repository. Please help with this soon. I really don’t want to return to version