Libreoffice writer header footer across page styles

First two pages of the document has the default page style, pages three to five has the landscape page style, then six onward back to the default page style.

How can I copy the header and footer used on the first two pages onto the landscape styled pages, and then following onto the remaining pages.

How could you define “same” header for a landscape page style, which by definition has e.g. different width - so e.g. tab positions for center/right would be different? What specifically should be the same? If you have a compelling idea what could be made a useful reusable “header style”, you are welcome to file it as a feature request.

Header and footer content are owned by the page style. This allows to have different ones aver different page styles.

Remember that header and footer must first be enabled in the corresponding tabs of the page style configuration dialog.

There is no provision to automatically “associate” page styles.

Just copy contents from one header to another one, just like you would do with ordinary text.

Note: it is much easier to see where the header, footer and main area are located when you enable View>Text Boundaries. Only the limits of the are where the cursor presently is are shown. You can deduce that the header/footer is outside the main text boundary line. Click in the header area and the boundary will be shown.

Enable also View>Formatting Marks. Empty header/footer will show up as blue pilcrow signs. You can the spot your header and footer.

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