LibreOffice WRITER keeps rounding in table and none of the help on this website is usefull

I’m getting insane. Why is it even a default option to round at two decimals ?!?!?! There are so many weird default options, but what really boils my blood is the fact that some features seem impossible to find or outrageously well hidden.

I just want one thing. Very simple. No rounding. That’s it.

But all on this site is either for Calc or the options that are mentioned are not there.

So what the fuck is up with this?

(Sorry about my tampering with the close feature.)
Not being a native speaker of English I cannot catch up with that poetic way of ranting.
Excuse me, thus, for staying sober.
-1- Anybody asking a question here will not address the “vendor” of LibreOffice, but other users trying to help, and deserving proper respect.
-2- I also dislike many automatisms. Most (at least very many) users prefer the illusion to be able to get what they want without telling exactly. So often do questioners on this site.
-3- We (the contributors) did not get sufficient information to try a helpfiul answer without too much of a chance to just waste our time.
-4- Read the old,but still mostly valid text here.

@Lupp: excellent text, vielen Danken für den Hinweis.

@Lupp - thanks for your text and the link. That made my day.

@Lupp Very useful text and link, thanks a lot for this invaluable link