Libreoffice writer opening saved file with untitled name

We’re using a Mac book pro with OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and have just upgraded to the latest available version of Libreoffice which is currently version 5.1

When opening an existing document which has been saved in Microsoft Word 97-2003 .doc format, its opening it without the name of the file, leaving it untitled.

This is proving awkward as a book is being written and various chapters need to be amended. Each time a file is opened when coming to save the file, because its untitled, the entire name has to be retyped.

Would appreciate some advice on how to get around this problem.

Thanks in advance.

I should also point out the docs are being opened through Apple’s Finder program.

What if you open them from within LibreOffice?

If they are opened from the recent files list within libreoffice they open with the correct name BUT not all the docs are on the recent files list and if they are opened using file open from within libreoffice the name is untitled.

Are there any non-ASCII characters in those file names? And it may be better to ask your question at - there are many knowledgeable people tehre and the forum is more active than this one.

There are no unusual characters, just letters, some capital letters and some numbers. Thanks for the about the other forum - I will post the same question there.

I can’t create a login on that forum,am following the instructions to the letter. It says in the FAQ its possible they have suspended membership in which case contact an admin for help but I’m not able to contact an admin without a login. Do you have an email address of one of the admins I can contact ?

Send a mail to - I’ll delete this message after your reply.

thanks for that

I got a reply from them - “You need to have the OpenOffice string in your signature for the registration. The field has not been updated since a long time. But once activated, you can change your signature in your profile.” - am a member now, thanks again,