LibreOffice Writer placing endnotes on new page after last page footer

Running LibreOffice Version (Build ID: 58f22d5) on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1.

I have opened a document in LibreOffice Writer that was originally created using Word 2003. The document specifies that endnotes should be at the end of the document. In Word, the endnotes appear on the last page after all other page body content, and the page footer of that page follows the endnotes. However, LibreOffice puts the endnotes on a new page after the footer of the intended last page. There is plenty of room on the intended last page to contain the endnotes. The Endnote paragraph style does not specify that any breaks should be inserted.

Is there anything I can do to get Writer to place the endnotes at the end of my “content” without adding a new page?

This looks like

Thanks manj_k, that worked. Is there any way to tell LibreOffice to do this automatically via options?

@itsGord: Sorry, there’s no option – you have to edit it manually. Maybe, somebody wants to contribute a macro … :wink:

@manj_k A little more testing shows that the workaround works correctly only on a document that has never been saved by OpenOffice Writer. If you save the document from OO and open it again, the endnotes move to a new page again. [cont’d]

Repeating the workaround causes some endnotes to be moved to the end of a section within the document, while others remain on the new page at the end.

Saved as .odt? There’s no need to apply the workaround twice, if saved as .odt. Only the final version should be saved as .doc, too (if necessary).

Sorry I had to leave this issue for a while. I now had time to do some additional tests. The key to making the results of the workaround persist is to save the document as .odt right after doing the workaround. If first save after workaround is as .doc, new section is saved but not endnote placement

You may try:

Select All (Ctrl+A)

Menu Insert → Section...

Footnotes/Endnotes tab


:ballot_box_with_check: Collect at end of section

Sample document

(edited “Endnote_example_MSO2007.doc” from fdo#36021,

saved as “Endnote_example_MSO2007_endnotes_section.odt”)