LibreOffice Writer: Show original document without the tracked changes

In LibreOffice Writer, is there a way to show an original document (as opposed to the revised document) without the tracked changes?

My answer was wrong - deleted.

Save As [another name], Reject All, Save new document ready for later comparisons?

If that is needed, then I believe that the answer to the question is “no”. Would you like to post that answer?

I guess I’m just a dinosaur but I always save dated versions of complex or shared authoring documents. Experience has tells me if I don’t I will need an earlier copy likely as not, even if just for later comparison.

I’d love a resolution for this.

The idea of saved versions has nothing to do with this issue. In any case, versioning of this kind exists without needing to save, if you’re on a Mac, or in Dropbox, or other methods.

The feature being discussed is what’s available in Word, Google Docs, It is about responding back and forth. i.e. I make corrections and comments to a document written by someone. I send it off. The other person looks at the changes and comments and turns OFF the tracking to see the original version.

The option in Word is to see the original, original with tracked changes, final with changes, (and one more, I forget as I’m not in Word at the moment.)

Re Wiki, Feature requests should go directly to Bugzilla as Enhancements.