LibreOffice Writer shows "Object N" instead of formulas

I downloaded a .docx document from Internet, opened it in LibreOffice Writer and edited some text and formulas in it. Everything seemed to be fine, except when I tried to edit some of existing formulas, I encountered General OLE error. Then I saved this document in .odt format, and later opened it again. After that, every formula in document except the ones I created by myself turned into boxes with label “Object N” and a little brick. How can I make LibreOffice Writer show me actual formulas instead of these boxes, as it was doing it before reopening?

Initial .docx file: DO_lab7.docx

The file with described problem: Lab7.odt

LibreOffice Writer version:

OS: Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon

image description

Works fine on my LO 7.0.5 on my Windows 10 machine. It may depend on the versions used.

Can you upload a sample file? (the .docx.) Please edit your question or use comments to add information (answers are for solutions only).

Thank you for trying to help! I uploaded a sample file and added required information to my question.

Formula objects may be contained in external files which were not downloaded from the net. An image of the formula is also embedded in the document for quick display. When you inserted new formulas, the image cache may have been cleared. Since the document is saved as .docx, unexpected things may happen during conversion resulting in the issue. It is also possible that the formula descriptor calls for a “foreign” formula editor (the M$ one), causing this placeholder display. There was a recent question about the same issue but I can’t find it anew.

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The formulas (64?) included as OLE objects in the .docx are MathType 7.0 “equations”
On my system no MathType does exist, and the respective CLSID contained in that file may also not exist.
Therefore the ReplacementGraphic is the only thing actually usable if the file is opened with LibreOffice.
(LibO seems to try to open the MathType formulas if MathType was accessible - but fails on my system, of course.)
The view also shows something looking like embedded LibO/OOo/AOO spreadsheet models, but that’s only graphics.
The thing is a mess.
The issues can’t be fixed by saving the thing to .odt.
Concerning the attached .odt there aren’t even object models included, and also no replacement graphics.
In the .odt I saved (converted) with LibO V7.1.2.2 the replacement graphics were preserved. No components contained. (The spreadsheet views were images only.)
Please link the web source you downloaded the thing from.

Totally agree this is a complete mess, but unfortunately, that is what our teacher shared with us in a google classroom, and I don’t think she will bother herself with fixing this document. Here is a link - , but I doubt it will be useful, because it’s probably accessible only for class members

I was a teacher for about 40 years, and I worried a lot …
Of course I have no access to your cloudy classroom.
What are clouds good for? Hmmm…
I bet, everything is good for Google&Friends.

I fear that it is the same issue as this one: 303521/math-formula-is-empty

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I have looked at your answer at the link provided, but it doesn’t seem like that is the same problem. My formulas do not disappear, when I’m trying to edit them in .docx file, and opening saved .odt file with archive manager, there are no folders like “Object xxx” for my formulas - the archive contains only 3 object folders corresponding to the formulas that I created by myself. I also added .odt file to the question, so please have a look at it, maybe it will help to clarify the problem.

It may come from your LO version because with my 7.0.5, when I save your .docx to .odt, I do get the objects in the file, see attachment.


Then you can apply the workaround of my other reply by getting the formula syntax.

I tried to reproduce the bug again, saved the file in .odt format, edited some formulas and reopened it. That is weird, but this time I didn’t encounter any General OLE errors and all the objects were in file after reopening as expected. Have no idea why did this bug happened in the first place now. But anyways, thank you for your recommendations, they might be useful if it happens again!