libreoffice writer slows down when switching to web layout view

before you jump to any assumptions, the bug is WEIRD !!!
I’m using version below, and have no problems.
LibreOffice Writer Version: Build ID: 430m0(Build:2)
under DEBIAN/jessie
LibreOffice Writer = LOW

one file, when I open it, it takes approximately 2 minutes before I can use it. the computer seems locked up.
This file is approx 200KB. was created with LOW and was fine up until yesterday. it has a lot of URLs in it. it is always in the WEB LAYOUT view. I open the file and LOW becomes unresponsive.
I opened the file in abiword, no problem. I saved the file into pure text. then I opened it in gedit, and saved it again in text.
as text the file is only 37K. I opened it in LOW, it opened fast. I typed few characters, fine. I clicked on web layout view, and LOW became unresponsive. had to ‘kill’ it.
I repeat, it happens only with one file. all the other files that are much larger, have no problem.
I researched and did not find anything similar. I followed few recommendations for increasing memory usage, blablah.
nothing worked.

is there some tool to scan this file for “I_DON’T_KNOW_WHAT” as to figure out why this file bogs down libreoffice writer, but not abiword.