Libreoffice writer text always right aligned when opening a saved document

I’m running MInt 20.3 Una. I open a new document in LibreOffice Writer. Everything is fine. I close it and re-open it and it’s now right aligned. The tool bar on the top of the document indicates it’s still left aligned. And in fact even though the document is at the right hand edge of the window the text looks like it’s left aligned. It’s just sitting at the extreme right edge of the window.

I am set up to dual boot into Ubuntu 20.04. Same version of LibreOffice Writer. There every thing works fine and there is not problem in Ubuntu. I tried it in Ubuntu 20.03 before I updated. No problem. I updated to 20.04. No problem. So it only happens in MInt. It’s only been doing this for the past 10 days or so.

It’s not the end of the earth kind of problem because I can use the slider at the bottom of the document screen to al least see what’s written, but of course it’s all sitting at the right of window. With the text left aligned!

Do you mean the pages are side-by-side except the first and possibly last page? See ve3oat answer and ajlittoz picture at How do I get rid of a view with side by side pages? - #7 by ve3oat

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No. A single page document. Write it. It’s left aligned. Close it. Open it now it’s on the extreme right hand edge of the Writer window It’s not similar to the problem you mentioned. Each page of a multi-page document is as I wrote it. One page to a window. Except all pages are on the right of the window in a full page view. In a smaller window the document is hidden on the right until I use the slider on the bottom of the page to move the view to the right edge of the window. I hope that’s a better explanation.

In whatever you call a non full page view, Libreoffice writer each page is centered on the page and left aliened. If I switch back and forth from full page to a narrower view a single page document is always centered and left aligned. Close it, open it, and now its on the right edge of a full window and hidden in a narrower view. In fact the slider at the bottom of the page is not present when I first open Writer. It only appears after I close and reopen the document, along with the no centering problem.

Can you attach a screenshot to a comment please?

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I am sorry that I didn’t explain it in my first comment but I wasn’t sure what the problem was.

I have annotated your screenshot to show what will fix the problem. Note that this is a user interface setting and is not saved within the file. Cheers, Al

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Thanks very much. That takes care of the problem.