LibreOffice Writer Two Open Documents Crashing / Recovery

  • MacBook Pro Mid - 2015
  • macOS Sierra (10.12.5)
  • LibreOffice

I have two (2) Writer documents open (two windows) and switch between them. When I close one (1) of the documents LibreOffice will then crash and run document recovery on the other document that was open. Document recovery runs, the document is recovered and I can then open the document that was recovered.

The document that is being recovered is the larger document (208 pages) while the other document is usually only a few pages.

I only experience this problem when I am trying to work with two (2) documents. If I have a single document open I never have a problem.

  1. How would I troubleshoot this problem? Is there a crash report?
  2. Is this a known bug in LibreOffice?
  3. Is the document that is being recovery corrupt?

If this continues to occur I am concerned that at some point the document will be corrupted and not recoverable.