LibreOffice Writer - View -> Web

I like the Web view since I can type, press enter and it just goes on and on.

Is it possible to make it the default when I open Writer?

Create your own application launcher. You didn’t mention your OS nor LO version, so here are only generic instructions. Adapt to your case.

Create a desktop shortcut for Writer. Open it to change its properties (usually after a right-click on the icon).

The command to launch Writer looks like soffice --writer with other options present and probably a more complicated path for soffice. Replace --writer with --web.

To launch LO in web mode, press your new launcher.

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I didn’t think that the OS was relevant. I am using Kubuntu 20.10.
I was expecting something in Tools → Options
or maybe open the Config.ini and modify a line.

Running from the terminal this line
soffice --writer
It says
Component cannot be laoded, possibly broken or incomplete installation.

libreoffice7.1 --writer
works. It opens in View = Normal mode

libreoffice7.1 --writer --web
doesn’t open in web view.

Remove --writer to keep only libreoffice7.1 --web

That works but it opens a window in web mode. If I click on File → New, the new window is in normal mode.
If I click on File → Recent files → MyFile.odt, it opens in Normal mode.

Here (LO, Fedora 33, KDE Plasma desktop), when I save a doc with View>Web selected, it reopens in web view. If you want the change persistent on a document, make a modification so that view state is recoded. Cancel the change and save again.

I tried with the ODT file and it works. With RTF file, it isn’t saving the state.

RTF is not native format. Don’t expect Writer features to be saved when not using .odt.

I am sad. Can we put this feature in Tools → Options. Can I put it in there?
Is it easy to compile LibreOffice Writer on Linux?