LibreOffice Writer will not open

Windows 7 64 bit LIBRE OFFICE 5.0

I was unable to open any files or my last edition, so updated to latest version 5.0 and it still will not open, either by clicking on a document in windows or by opening the app itself from programmes

any help appreciated

I re-wrote the q in ‘normal’ case (rather than UPPERCASE) so that you had a chance of getting a reply.

Please add the error that you receive when you try to open a document. Anything, really.

Here are some general steps to try to help:-

  1. Try the “Microsoft Fix-It” website:-

"Automatically repair issues that block program installation or removal because of corrupted registry keys."

This is an attempt by M$ to help you avoid the ultimate fix for MS Windows, which is to wipe the disc & re-install the OS + Programs from scratch. It is a replacement for the Windows Installer Cleanup utility (MSICUU2.exe) which has been retired by M$ as they said that it corrupted some Registry instead of fixing them (whoops).

The website will test out + fix the Registry. There is also a Windows Update onsite & it seems more thorough than the normal Update.

  1. Restart.

    If you did not use the Windows Update in the previous step, go back & use it. If necessary, after a restart go back & see if there are any more until it reports that everything is updated.
  2. If, after a restart, you get the same problem then you need to wipe your disc clean & reinstall Windows + update & try again.
  3. At this stage it’s a bug, no mistake.
    Use Bugzilla or the Bug Submission Assistant + point out that Windows was installed on to a blank disc then updated immediately prior to LO installation.

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