LibreOffice's Preferences window questions

As a background, I’m not a new user of LibreOffice. Software behaviours that cause questions about to ask here have never happen when I use the software in Windows and Ubuntu. Now I migrate myself to Debian - Jessie which has somehow different culture and seems to make software running on it behave differently too. As a non-english mother-tongue, I cannot differenciate window from dialog as they both require user’s action to show up, be changed and go away. So I will call the frame that shows up when a user call it by




a window. Jessie’s Gnome Destop provides LibreOffice of version Version: Build ID: 430m0(Build:2).
After changing adding Thai language to the usage of CTL option and default font typeface including fonts for other uses of the program to THSarabanPSK the Prefernces window is bigger than the screen. Since the window’s movement either by dragging the caption bar or a keyboard is restricted to the OS’s panel on the upper edge of the screen, I cannot make change to details that locate below. Moreover, I cannot control the changes I made by clicking a button as all of them are hidden below the screen.

  1. Does the window size depend on font sizes?
  2. Are there other ways to move the window up beyond the panel to reveal the hidden controls?

    Thank you.

On my Linux Mint system, holding down the ALT key allows you to select a window and move it around and off the screen. By moving the screen up hidden controls below the bottom of the screen can be revealed. I think this works on all Linux systems…Peter