LibreWriter 5.3 is extracting .docx

I am running LibreOffice on my Fedora 25 installation. I removed the older version of LibreOffice because I wanted to use the Notebook Bar feature.

I followed the instructions to install all of the RPMs from the compressed file and it seems to work fine - with no errors thrown during the installation.

The only issue I am running into is that when I open up a .docx file it extracts the contents. I checked under “Properties–>Open With” and LibreWriter is selected (

If I open LibreWriter then navigate to the file it opens fine. Generally I’d attribute this to being a release candidate version but I have the same version running on a Fedora 25 installation on the same PC which is working fine (it is a HDD and this is a new install on a SSD).

Any ideas why it is extracting by default? Is there a way to fix this?


As an update, I removed 5.3.1 and installed and this is still happening. Perhaps it is an issue with my Fedora install?