Librewriter Save As wants to save to wrong document

This problem started when I upgraded from Ubuntu 19.10 to Ubuntu 20.04. LibreOffice is now Version:, Build ID: 1:6.4.2-0ubuntu3. When I do a Save As, the space for the document is not blank or the name of the existing file I want to overwrite, but the name at the top of the subdirectory I am saving into. This problem is unique to current version of LibreOffice. It does not occur with other software I use such as PDF Studio 2018 Pro.

How do I get LibreOffice to perform correctly? Current Save As is a major problem not only when I download documents from the Internet, BUT ALSO when I the Export directly as PDF function. LibreOffice now wants to put the wrong name on the new PDF file.


My advice (if not yet done):

  • Remove (purge) everything related to LibreOffice dpkg --list | awk '/ii/&&/libreoffice/{print $2}' | sudo xargs apt purge -y ure
  • Perform an autoremove: sudo apt autoremove -y
  • Remove LibreOffice Install remainders (if any): sudo rm -r /usr/lib/libreoffice/*
  • Install LibreOffice again: sudo apt install libreoffice
  • Check whether your problem persists