Lighting-Fast Scrolling Makes it Hard to Select Text...?

I’m not sure if this is LibreOffice, Mac OS, or the combination, but I’m having trouble selecting and moving text. Because of the scrolling.

  1. I am trying to select large sections of text. They don’t fit in one window. I need to scroll from one end of the section to the other.

  2. I can’t use scrollwheels.

  3. I can’t really coordinate both hands.

  4. I can scroll by starting at the top of the selection, and dragging off the bottom edge of the window. But it’s lightning-fast, and impossible to control. I may end up selecting 3 pages when I mean to select 1. I then scroll off the top edge to try to get back up. I may end up jumping 6 pages and selecting another 3 pages ending where I meant to begin.

Maybe some of my LibreOffice settings are off…?

I don’t think it’s a setting, just a fast computer. Have you tried something like this: Select the beginning of your selection. Now place a small weight (such as a dozen coins taped together) on the Shift key. Then use the Page Up/Down or Arrow keys to better control your selection. Sure hope this helps.

Please report a bug as while there are quite a number of existing open scroll-related bugs, none describe this behaviour under MacOS. Include a link to any reported bug in a comment back here for others to track. Thanks.