Limit to number of rows for descriptive statistics

It appears that there is a limit to the number of rows over which one can calculate ‘Descriptive Statistics’ from the Data:Statistics menu. This limit appears to be around 3000 values. Is there a way around this?

It appears

How did you came to this conclusion? It appears that you are wrong - because the Descriptive Statistics from the DataStatistics menu simply adds some formula cells to the place you choose in the second box, and those formulas refer to the range you put in the first box. Just tested with a range of 630000 rows, and with whole columns, using v. I used “Grouped by columns”.

Figured it out. Some of the entries in the column were #DIV/0! (these had been calculated by a formula). The first 3000 or so rows did not have entries like this, I had to scroll a ways down to see these. Sorry for being lazy. I don’t use this program much.