Line breaks within a csv field

I would like to generate a .csv file from a json file using php or whatever intended to be opened by calc that would have newlines within a field.
I was expecting that there would be an escape sequence for that but have had no success so far except to actually have line breaks within a quoted string but this is hard to read if you are editing the csv.
Here is an example:


The last line has some escape sequences I have tried.
The first two work, but are not easy to pick out for editing.
I saw the hexdecimal sequence suggested for use in a Base Form but it does not work here.

The only correct form is to have embedded line breaks in a quoted field, like in the first two records. Note that in case a field contains a quotation mark character the field must be quoted as well and that quotation mark character needs to be doubled to escape it, like "this ""field"" content"
See RFC 4180.

If you prefer the quoted \n you may import firs, then use search&replace to exchange \n with chr(10).
The problems begin, if you allow quoted backslash like \n or there are suddenly some network-shares like \netdrive and \newdisk

So be careful

erAck’s solution works and I can just get used to it.
But I can’t seem to get Wanderer’s suggestion to work.
Inserting a chr(10) in a line doesn’t create a linebreak.
For example using the same input as above and using Edit > Find.
If I enter \\n it is found in 3C:)
If I replace those found with chr(10) then chr(10) is what displays, not a newline.
What am I doing wrong? Do I need to concatenate chr(10) into that line somehow?

If you have the imported text containing \n in A1 use for english locale:


I used chr(10) to express you have to use the exact ASCII-Character.
It depends on the environment you are using, how to encode this.

Well I would need to do the whole sheet.
It would be easiest to use the Edit > Find/Replace?
What could I use for CHAR(10) as the Replace to produce a newline in the cell?
Is there an escape sequence to use in that situation?

Do some testing with Excel if you can as it supports <shift>+<enter> within a cell. It would be good to make it compatible. (Don’t be surprised if it’s just stripped from a csv file.)

@flywire you might be surprised to learn that LibreOffice Calc supports Ctrl+Enter in a cell input to create a new line. (because Shift+Enter closes the cell input and moves into the opposite direction than Enter).

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