line hop in libre draw

Uh… you really need this. As others have mentioned, this is the only reason I still have to use visio.

I saw the other request for this was closed.

There is an enhancement request fdo#54990.

A workaround while we wait for the enhancement:

  • Draw the line (menu Shape - Line, or button Line in the Drawing toolbar).
  • Insert two point, one at each side of the crossed line (menu Point, or F8, then button Insert Point and click in the line).
  • Curve the new segment (select both points, press button Corner Point, and drag the central handler of each point away from the line; holding down Alt while dragging cancel the active snap options).

A more elegant option:

  1. create a circle (menu Shape - Ellipse, and drag holding Shift), convert it To Curve (menu Shape - Convert),
  2. delete part of it (F8, drag to select and delete),
  3. convert both chord points to Cornet Point
  4. add a central point to the chord,
  5. select it and press Split Curve to open it,
  6. separate the two center point.

creating line hops

Copy, rotate as needed, and extend the arms.

More LibreOffice Help on Editing Curves.

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