Line numbering in part of a document only

I have a document that is divided into parts using manual breaks and page styles. With these, I can turn on page numbering for the different parts independently.

However, I am not able to achieve this for line numbering. What I’d like to have is a first part without line numbering, and then turn on line numbering for the part that follows after the “manual break”.

Is there a way to achieve that?

I assume that your first part is the cover page plus other pages like TOC, copyright, legalese, … which are not really part of the document topic.

Create dedicated paragraph styles for this initial part (in case you also use the same paragraph style in the topic part; otherwise if the paragraph styles are used only there, just customise them). In the Outline & List tab of these paragraph styles, untick Include this paragraph in line numbering box in Line Numbering section.

I realize there is this possibility, but this seems very awkward. It basically means maintaining two copies of the styles.
I think there should be options for line numbering that are similar to page numbering. For example, it would be good to e.g. be able to re-start line numbering for different chapters.

Not, when you use the Parent-Child relation between the two verisons of the styles. Then all of the changed propeties of the Parent style will be inherited by the Child style - except the numbering property, what is enforced differently in the Child style.

I understand, but this still requires me to duplicate every style. It also means setting an option in the wrong place. The line numbering should (for my application at least) be a feature of the part. Because that cannot be done, I’d then have, throughout the entire part, have to use “Header 1-linenumbers”, “Header 2-linenumbers”, “Default-linenumbers” etc, and in the other part “Header 1”, “Header 2”, “Default” etc. I really like LibreOffice and think a lot of things are done better than in Word (e.g. have the page format under “Format” instead of “File”), but this is something where I think the solution with the sections in MS Word makes more sense.

You are possibly right.
But what is your expectation? That you ask fellow users here (this is a user-to-user help site) “how can I do this task”, get a response “it’s possible this awkward way”, and reply “no it should be implemented differently?” :wink:

Please file an enhancement request. New “show line numbering” property for sections looks reasonable IMO, similar how we have columns configurable per-page style and per-section separately.

Note that there’s tdf#112616, but your enhancement would be a more general thing, that would include that in See Also.