Line spacing and justification getting altered when referenced through zotero

I am using Zotero software to do the referencing, So, when i click to the “add citation”, the inter-line spacing and the justification for that paragraph gets altered.

So, how do i cease it from not getting altered when i add citations from Zotero.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @cyf01!

So you basically say that when you tell Zotero plugin to add a citation, it also changes something in the paragraph formatting? Then the evident answer is: file a bug against that plugin to Zotero, and ask them to not do that.

And please don’t post as wiki - based on your questions record, you should have already known that by now…

Hi @Mike2, Thanks for the suggestions. I will post a bug issue with Zotero.
And How can i not post as wiki? How can i edit that? Kindly brief me…I am not aware of these issues. Kindly…!!!

Well - when you post, there’s a checkbox allowing you to post as a wiki. It’s impossible to revert this after the post.

I have tested this using LibreOffice and Zotero 5.0.54 and see no change in paragraph formatting.

Please attach a test document which displays this issue.


Your answer is in reality a comment.