Line spacing

With Writer, I want to create a column of several short (2-4 words) statements which have to be in a large font so that I can read them from my TV set which will be the monitor. Yet, I want the statements to be closer together than a single line spacing, perhaps 1/2 the normal line spacing. Can this be done? How?

How do you break “the lines”? By paragraph breaks (Enter) or by hard line breaks (Shift+Enter)?
In the first case there may be additional spacing Above paragraph and/or Below paragraph.
If so, set it to 0.
The ordinary Single line spacing is already about the minimum needed to make sure that a discender of a character in one line will not get in conflict with an ascender of a character in the line below.
If you are decisive to ignore this, you can choose Fixed in place of Single for the spacing, and define the fix value in ordinary units.

Addendum: For a Font height of say 50 pt, you get the minimum avoiding the mentioned conflict by sett the Fixed spacing to 51 pt (probably to 50 pt).

It can be done. Question is: do you really want to? But you will see that when you try.

If this is about a small document, like single page, select the text, select Format - Paragraph, Indents and Spacing tab, in the Line Spacing drop down list, select Fixed (at the bottom), then enter a value in the box to the right. OK to confirm.

Instead of Fixed try with Proportional and 80%, so you don’t need to change it every time you adjust the font size.

The ideal way to deal with your requirement is to “cook” a dedicated paragraph style where you’ll have all the desired settings in a single place: font size in the Font tab, distances in the Indents & Spacing tab (spacing above and below paragraphs, additional margins at left and right called indents, alignment in Align tab, …

Once you have defined and applied such a paragraph style, you only adjust the parameters in the definition and click Apply to immediately see the effects. When your tuning is good, you press OK to leave style definition mode.

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