Line width in Draw

In the Properties panel the options for Line Width are 1 pt, 1.5 pt, 2.3 pt etc.

However, in Styles the options are 0.0 cm, 0.1 cm, 0.2 cm etc.

Why are the options in Properties in pts and the options in Styles in cms?

I want to set a line style to 1 pt.
0.1 cm is a lot thicker than than 1 pt.

Incidentally, I would prefer the term ‘Thickness’ to ‘Width’.

The Properties side pane only offers a part of the wealth of formatting options available in the various dialogs. To be concise, the options are presented as “shortcuts” to most frequent values under the form of drop-down menus (in which you obviously enumerate only a few values).

In the dialogs where a dimension can be freely entered, measurement are presented initially in the default units for your locale or as set in Tools>Options, LibreOffice Draw>General, Unit of measurement.

But this setting does not preclude the use of another unit. You noticed that the unit is part of the text box. If you enter a number without unit, the default unit is used. If you explicitly specify a unit as pt, in, cm, mm, …, it overrides the default unit.

In you case, if you see 0.1 cm, replace it with 1 pt and you’re done.

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Thanks ajlittoz for your detailed answer.

I did not know that you can define your own units in Styles.

Problem solved.