Line wrapping changed after update to LO 5

After updating to 5.0.2 (on a Windows 10 system), I found that in Writer it changed the line wrapping in my documents, messing up their layout (character spacing seems to be slightly wider than it had been). Reverting to LO 4 fixed the problem for now, but is there a way to fix it with 5.0? (x64) works well on my Win7 (x64). machine. Maybe it is connected with W-10. Another reason why I am glad not to have accepted the W-10 “upgrade”:wink:
But I never use direct formatting or layout, so my documents (mainly e-book sources: nearly everything, except italic and bold within a paragraph, is set in styles) don’t depend upon the size of spaces.

To me, layout-incompatibility is about the worst problem an update can cause. I have typeset some 70 books, and even minor changes in character spacing or kerning or whatever it is, destroys them (I have the PDFs, but with LO 5, I can never edit any of them again). This has never happened before, and I’ve been through a lot of updates since the times of Star Office. And it can’t be Win 10’s sole fault, because LO 4 still works fine.