Lines overlapping/cutting off in Writer after system upgrade

Hello. I’ve been using LibreOffice ever since I started using Ubuntu, about a year and a half ago. I finally upgraded Ubuntu from 12.10 to 13.10, and while I was away from my computer the upgrade finished, presumably asked if I wanted to restart, and then restarted while I still LibreOffice writer open.

Since then,the display cramps the lines together, such that to get a display of single line spacing similar to the one I’m used to, I have to use 1.5 spacing. single spacing it looks like the letters actually overlap. Even then, by default it only shows the top half of each line, though I can temporarily make lines display in full.

Entering a carriage return from a line and then removing it will display a single line, and print preview will make all the lines show up, however any new text entered will only show the top half, until the text wraps, after which all but the final line will show in entirety. A new line will make both the previous line and itself display only the top half (even if the previous line had previously been visible).

With single spacing and the text displayed in full it looks like the letters actually overlap. However my paragraph settings remain normal, and uninstalling and reinstalling do nothing. This seems to be an issue only with Writer; Impress is working fine.

I’ve tried to see if other people have had this issue with searches including “cramp(ed|ing) lines,” “cutting off bottom half,” “vertical kerning,” and “overlapping lines” without finding anything relevant), and came up blank. So I suspect that this is either an issue with the update to Ubuntu and/or that there’s a better way to describe my problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please edit your question to include a link to a screenshot and sample file if possible. Also indicate the font being used if this is not clear. Thanks.

Thanks. I hadn’t even thought of changing the font. It seems that this is only a problem with the Optima family. Which means that it’s probably a kerning problem which can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the fonts.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the text of my post here, but I think my problem may be resolved.

As the comment above by @lkpinette indicates, this is like a font-related problem. It may be that LO is not handling the height metric in the Optima font, in which case please report a bug and provide the required font and example document for others to test. Otherwise, it may be a problem with how Ubuntu itself is handling the font or how the font itself is encoded.