Link base entries as records into sheet

is it possible to create a relationship between a calc document and a BASE file so that when they base file is updated, so is a given field in calc? There is something called “data to text” but that does not establish a “link” between the base record and the spreetsheet cell. Im not able to activate “data to field”

As a novice i would appreciate some additional images added to the documentation, i don´t quite yet understand the jargon used under “calc spreedsheet” Chapter 8 Getting Started with Base

The gist of this is to use libre sheet to style and format “raw” data taken from base, kind of like html and css. Any seasoned sailor knows if is possible? Any guidence is appreciated.

Hello @wholesource,

There is nothing in Calc to have a “live” link to database data. The closest you will come is by writing you own code (macro) to achieve what you are looking for.

Data to Text is used in Calc to retrieve data from a table in a registered database but typically if up-to-date info is needed, the entire table is copied in. Either way, when data is copied in, a Range is created which may be selected (Data->Select Range) and the then the Calc data can be updated from the database with a Refresh (Data->Refresh Range). The problem here is that if you only selected a part of the DB and then refresh, the entire table will be brought in. Therefore, if Refreshing in this manner it is best just to start with the entire table.

Data to Fields is typically used in Writer where data merging into fields on a document (Mail Merge especially) comes into play.

As far as your concern of images in the docs, the section just prior to the one pointed out (Using data sources in Writer and Calc) has some of those images. Also related images are shown in various other locations under such topics as ‘Mail Merge’ and other titles. It is not prominent in the referred to section because Base (document mentioned) does not utilize that function.

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