link filters to auto fill in row in calc?

Hello friends, in my spreadsheet I have column “A” as the product name, column “B” as weight, “C” as location “D” as description and so on… a product name may be in the spreadsheet multiple times but will always have the same weight and description, but the location will vary. When I use auto filter on a specific product’s name all fields are identical with the exception of location.

In a new row I use Alt+Down when inserting a product’s name in column “A” all the time, it’s easy for me… is it possible to have just the weight and description fields auto filled with that particular product’s data once i select the product’s name?

thank you!

sorry, old case, but as not yet answered:
which functionality do you use to achieve the insert of product name? in the documentation at
i find:
Alt+Down Arrow Increases the height of current row (only in legacy compatibility mode).
your wish is possible of course, consider having a macro for that, the script language is quite powerful but ‘a little difficult’, consider recording a macro from manual copying the cells as needed, then overwork the macro from absolute to relative references, and to bind it to the visible range (i hope thats possible), not very easy, but shall be possible at all …