Link images in base via https

I’ve seen a lot of people discussing the pros vs. cons of storing files in the database itself (i.e. blob/longblob) instead of simply storing them as files. I have an issue that I’m trying to resolve, and short of actually storing the images in a database (which I can’t get Base to do, since every time I put an image in the image control and save the record the image disappears) is to store them on my web server and let them be referenced from there. But I don’t simply want to have a list of URLs. That isn’t going to work. So what I need is to set the image control so that it reads the URL from the record, pulls that image from the server, and displays it. The images MUST be displayed when the form opens. It’s okay if it takes a couple of seconds, but making the user click on a URL to view the image is a non-starter.

Any help in achieving this is most appreciated! I prefer to use https, but if that’s an issue I can fall back to http.

This BUG REPORT might have some ideas.

Following info in the BUG REPORT above, I have now been able (quite simply) to display an IMAGE in a Base database FORM with a standard image control using a normal URL such as:

The above URL must be stored in whichever field/column (VARCHAR) you keep your ‘image source’ data in your database, and will be used to populate the image control display-box. NOTE: I have not tried it with https:

See this tutorial video for creating an external image link from TheFrugalComputerGuy. It uses the LOCAL path (not a URL). Please tick this answer is you think it is OK.

The video tutorial was perfect, thanks! I adapted that a bit and now this issue is resolved.

Good. Did it work with https:… ?

I just tested it, and yes it works on https. Thanks again!