Link multiple Spreadsheet Cells and display the links

I’ll do my best to explain
I have 8 Spreadsheet Pages with a Master Page (page 9)
I’m dealing with product SKU’s. (yes this will seem crazy but…)
Each page represents a different company.
Each SKU is specific to that company but it is the same product
While each SKU is different for each company they are represented in the Master as the Primary SKU.
Example: Page1 SKU is abc123; Page 2 SKU emb898; Page 3 SKU rpb654 the Master Page SKU AQ999
I would like to click on Master page SKU AQ999 and have it display Page1, Page2, Page 3 matching SKU’s
Can this Spreadsheet do this?

How is a secondary SKU identified as belonging to the same product as the MasterPage SKU?

the SKU’s have no numerical similarities from company to company but they are the same product - I want to be able to have the Master SKU ie: AQ999 be able to ‘link’ to each of the cells on each company page Page 1 SKU abc123; Page 2 SKU emb898; Page 3 SKU rpb654 and present/show them next to the Master SKUAQ999 - It’s a request to present the cell information that the Master SKU is pulling from each page. If I click on AQ999 within the spreadsheet it would display SKU abc123; SKU emb898; SKU rpb654 -
Thanks for asking
is that more clear??

My question was "How is a secondary SKU identified as belonging to the same product as the MasterPage SKU?"
If you want it in different words: How is “the same product” identified independent of the specific vendor? Obviously it is not identified by elements of the used SKU. I knew already.
Is there assured that on every vendor’s sheet exactly the same product name is used? Is “the same product” always listed under the same row number? Or whatever?
(Anyway I will now not be able to answer soon again.)

Thank you for your time - Master cell is linked to the secondary pages by cell location.
So if Master SKU is in cell B15 (in page 9), It is told that on Page 1 cell A52 is a match, Page 2 cell C42, Page 3 cell B12 - when clicking on B15 in the Master page it displays the content of Page 1 cell A52, Page 2 cell C42, Page 3 cell B12, in an adjacent cell on the Master Page- (Master Page Cell C15)

Hope I’m doing better at sharing what I’d like to accomplish:-)

How is “It” (whatever It may be) “told”?

Perhaps you might be better to upload a sample spreadsheet file - not an image - which illustrates what you are trying to achieve.

Maybe ‘told’ is not the correct verbiage. How about when clicking on B15 it goes and gets the information from cells on other pages and displays it in cell B16 -

I cannot create a spreadsheet as I don’t know how to do what I am using words to describe

The basic question we are trying to determine here is “What criteria are used to identify data on other pages which are equivalent to the data in B15?”

only the location of the cell on pages 1 to 8 are what I want to be ‘found’ Linked to by the Master. That cell holds a SKU. That SKU is unique to that page. Each page will have a different SKU in a different location but the Master needs to ‘find’ and present all those SKU’s. We will tell it exactly what page and cell to ‘find’ the match to the Master so that the Master can present the SKUs that it has been told it matches on all the pages

It is a similar concept as MAPPING software. The master looks for a match. When it is told what it matches it’s a happy camper and knows at those 2 things are to marry up. I cannot find a Mapping software that I can load with the Master and then have it crawl 8 separate lists to retain the matches and present the ‘paired’ (in my case a group of ) matches back… So I am trying to build spreadsheets and want to know if I tell the master what page and cell is the match and present that, is the goal…

Are you playing a game on us?