Link problem in eported PDF's

Hi People,
I’m trying to create PDF files that will be mounted on the internet in a Wordpress website. I need the hyperlinks and linked images to open in a new tab or new browser window.

In HTML terms this is similar to the


option for coding hyperlinks.
This option is actually offered in the INSERT > HYPERLINK > FRAME dialogue, but it does not work when the PDF is mounted in the website.

Any help or suggestions on this would be appreciated!


You are trying to get pdf to do work beyond its scope, it is not going to happen for now.

See recent question URL “target_blank” not working when exported to pdf

THE LibreOffice dialogue box for hyperlinks includes an option for target frame “_blank”. If this is an option and the option is not working, it is not an issue of scope, it is an issue of “option not working”…

That would be for html document which is a Save As option.

Needs precise checking. If LibreOffice would not export this option, it is a bug in LibreOffice. If it is exported, but not respected by pdf-readers it is still not working, but on bugzilla you would find “not our bug, wont fix”.

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… in case when there is such an exportable option in PDF :wink:

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You are wrong in the expectation that whatever option exists in LibreOffice, it should be preserved in any format you choose. LibreOffice native file format is ODF, and if something is not preserved in that format (with an additional constraint: if you use the latest version of it), it is definitely a bug. For any other format, it must be supported in that target external format in the first place: e.g., it’s not a bug when you export to TXT, and italics formatting is not kept.