Link to External Data xls NOT

Have a calc libreoffice spreadsheet (.ods). One sheet links to an external file of type .cvs. Another sheet links to another external file of type .xlsx. This spreadsheet has worked for over a year, but now has stopped loading the .xlsx file, showing the error “The link could not be updated.”

This behavior first showed up when I updated from to 6.1.6, so I uninstalled 6.1.6, and reinstalled There was no change.

I made a simple Untitled 1.xlsx file, written by libreoffice calc (Untitled 1.ods), and tried to link one of the .ods sheets to the Untitled 1.xlsx file. No joy. The OK button is grayed out. It will link a cvs file just fine.

What’s going on?

Spreadsheet documents linked to need a defined named range to link to of which the data is to be imported. If there are no named ranges the dialog can’t be completed (6.3 will have a message saying so). For CSV that is not necessary as there is only one range/table. Likely when updating stopped working the external spreadsheet file had the remembered range removed. You can check under menu Edit → Links to External Files… what Element the link points to.

Thanks for the reply.
What does this named range look like? How would I modify the .xlsx spreadsheet that I saved as a test, so that it will load correctly?

Any named range defined under Sheet → Named Ranges or Expressions → Define… (or Manage, Ctrl+F3) will do.

Thanks. Did that. It works for my Untitled sheets. Case closed. Thanks again.