Linked Cell in Checkbox properties is always blank, even after saving the document

Hi folks,

When creating a checkbox, i always enter the LINKED CELL value as well as the ON/OFF values and they work just fine. I have done this for 3-7 checkboxes accross 50 sheets. All the sheets are unique and have been adjusted accordingly and individually, and all the checkboxes work fine with their intended linked cells and on/off values.

When i close the file and reopen it, the LINKED CELL value for all the 250+ checkboxes have lost their LINKED CELL values (blank) whereas the ON/OFF values are retained.

Is this a bug or am i just not doing it right? I’m using LIBREOFFICE Version: (x64). Any help wwould be most appreciated as this is the second time I’ve had to re-enter the values for ALL my checkboxes in that file.


Please, what file format do you use to save?

I have also had this problem when saving to .ods on Windows 7 in version (x64). The checkbox linked cell field is blanked out whenever the file is closed and reopened, even if the file is saved beforehand.
Interestingly, I do not have this problem when saving to .ods when running LibreOffice Calc on Enterprise Linux 6.

Please report the bug Create a bug report

I also have this problem: Spreadsheets created or opened with version 5.x do not save the linked cell of form controls, e.g. spin or push buttons. This is a really serious bug.


The bug is already reported : tdf#112459 duplicate of tdf#110431