Linked dropdown data validity query. Can one dropdown, automatically make a selection from another?

I was wondering, is there anyway to make one dropdown list selection, automatically select and change another dropdown on another sheet entirely? So both sheet dropdowns show the same, from one input?

So a user can make a selection on one sheet, or the other, and both sheet dropdowns will now automatically show this one selection?

I am playing around with custom IFS in a custom data validity dropdown. But cannot get this exact thing working. I would like the client to approach the spreadsheet in whatever way they wish. Sheet 1 is more for new users, sheet 2 is more for users who are professionals. Yet they are making the same data selections really, I would not want them to have to re-select what they have already done on another sheet.

I hope I am making myself clear hah. Thanks for any pointers friends. I am wondering if this is even possible.

almost …
although a file sample wouldn’t hurt.

in general, you could easily synchronize list or combo boxes with basic events : Form Controls

maybe doable with data validity too, getting in more advanced programming.

Thanks, I figured this out last night, with Form Controls! yay.
Thanks for taking the time to answer me fpy!