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When I try to send a Word-formatted document via file - send, I receive the error message, "“There is no email program associated to perform the selected action. Please install an email program” [there is one] “or, if one is already installed, create ans association in the Default Programs control panel.”

In WIN10 this is Default Apps.Changing this control panel setting, which was set right to begin with, did not solve the problem


eM Client 7.2.386382 is my email App as it’s the only freeware (if you only need limited features e.g. email accounts) with Win10 which will sync an iCloud email address - others produce noncompliance errors.

Tried Thunderbird, Mail for WIN10 & another but didn’t work with Apple’s icloud including IMAP & dual factor / 2-stage authentication; I’m not paying a subscription for Outlook. or any other Office App eMail client - this old netbook is a 2nd PC to my main MacBook,.

Which email program (your default app) are we talking about? Then answer to this question is essential, since not all email programs support the communication method used by LibreOffice (Simle MAPI).

eM Client 7.2.386382 - that’s the email program. Comments added above :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Just tested with eM Client 7.2.40748.0 and that works without any problems - hence it supports Simple MAPI. Are you absolutely sure that “eM Client” is defined as the default EMail app in Windows menu -> Settings -> Apps ->Default Apps -> EMail ?

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If yes - there have been reports that reinstalling (without uninstalling) the default app could fix registrations for some Windows services and in consequence make it working for Simple MAPI requests (though these reports are related to thunderbird). Anyway you might give it a try.

Related to your “Answer”: The format doesn’t play any role. And dismissing an error, which effectively means, that the email program couldn’t be started, definitely wont’t result in successfully sending your data.

  • Did you follow my suggestion to reinstall eM Client
  • Are you able to send emails using eM Client at all (without LibreOffice)?

I’m pretty sure that something is wrong related to your eM Client’s MAPI service registration, which can’t be fixed by LibreOffice (and which isn’t an error of LibreOffice).

Have tried this again. 29kb doc LibreOffice v (x86), subsequently upgraded to 6.4.4, file format re-checked and saved in file format ‘Word 2007-365’ as I intended to edit in Word for Mac (when I reported the error to you first, the doc had been saved in ODF format)…

Again, I used: File :arrow_right: Send :arrow_right: Email as Microsoft Word…
I also tried: File :arrow_right: Send :arrow_right: Email Document…
File :arrow_right: Send :arrow_right: OpenDocumemt Text…
File :arrow_right: Send :arrow_right: Email as PDF…

Again, in each case, the same error message, “There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program, or, if one exists already, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.”

After / subsequent to dismissing that error flag, another error message is generated (the same each time): “Error occurred in sending mail. Possible errors could be a missing user account or defective setup. Error code is 2147500037.”

Again system settings :arrow_right: Default apps shows email :arrow_forward: eM Client. Re-set this by re-selecting eM Client.

When I reported the error to you first,

This is not a site to report errors, but a site to ask other users of LibreOffice questions about LibreOffice usage. If you think you found an error, please turn to bugzilla. But I’m pretty sure that you system setup is defective.

And btw: Don’t post answers on this site, if you don’t provide a solution to a question. Use add comment to provide comment or edit your question to enhance the details of your question.